Hello fellow webmasters. Do you have a RSS feed on your website thats all about pornography? Would you like to have your RSS feed listed here? If the answer is yes, lets help each other out.

All we ask for is a reciprocal link somewhere on your homepage. If you are interested, email webmaster@thisdomain. If your feed meets our requirements for quality and update frequency, we will add it.

Our requirements

  • Your feed must be updated frequently; at least weekly.
  • Quality blog posts that have not been created using ai, spun/re-written or plagiarized somehow.
  • We are happy to have porn tubes but the requirements are quite strict…
    • No anonymouse or user uploads allowed in the feed.
    • Videos and/or image galleries must have unique title and descriptions.
    • We will not list tubes looking like an ad factory.
    • We will not list tubes that use the same template as everyone else.
    • No tubes that just import and display videos from other tube sites like xvideos and such like.
    • No tubes that offer full length copyrighted videos.

We understand that these requirements are quite strict, but there are sites out there that produce great quality written and visual content; that is all we want for our visitors.